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What We Do Here at Dream Laptop Lifestyle Club?

We help aspiring Travel-preneurs, Factory Workers, Stay-at-home parents, Working Couples, Individuals, or frustrated Network Marketers, who are seeking a better way and more freedom, transition into the “High-Ticket/Hy-brid” Online Business model so they can achieve a TRUE Laptop Lifestyle business which allows YOU to live life on YOUR own terms. This in turn, “can” and “will” totally TRANSFORM you life.

It’s a beautiful thing, as this type of business can be run from anywhere in the world. Whether you prefer to work from home, while travelling the world, or at your favorite coffee shop, you can do this.

Why It Works:

First, we help you define the type of Laptop Lifestyle “high-ticket/hy-brid” online marketer that you wish to be. This helps to give you the confidence you’ll need so you can move forward in your business with pride, passion, and integrity.

Next, based on what defines your purpose in the type of “High Ticket” clients and marketing you’re best suited for, we align you with a product line you’ll be absolutely proud to promote! Again, an exceptional confidence booster… The product line we set you up with is a “high ticket” marketers dream!

Moving on, we provide you with content, knowledge, tools, and training to acquire a Skill-set that ensures that YOU are set up for SUCCESS properly from the get-go, and teach you mentor-ship and self belief so you can get the best results possible.

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The greatest in all you do,

Carla & Davin – The DLLC Team

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