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Wow, where to start? Perhaps the best way would be…

Who knew? Wow, it's kind of a crazy story when you think of it. The Internet can certainly bring some very cool surprises sometimes, that's for sure!

We (Davin & Carla) met online a full 16 years ago now. Oddly enough, we met in an online forum inside of a little Chatbox feature that it boasted for members to chat through. Carla was still in college, a mere 19 years old, and Davin… well he's a bit older (age un-disclosed to keep you guessing… hahahaha).

It all started with a very simple and lonely looking “Hello..”, that Carla had put inside of the Chatbox. Davin was browsing the forum, and seen it sitting there with no response for a good 5 minutes or so. Finally, he decided to say “Hi” back. As nuts as it sounds, that one little interaction ignited a great friendship that has now lasted more than 16 years.

One of the awesome things that we can say about the Internet, is it's amazing power of how it can sometimes bring people from entirely different countries, backgrounds, cultures, and practically everything else that used to separate this world, together as one. It totally can make you realize that “deep down” people from all walks of life, really are the same in many respects.

You see, Carla is from the Philippines, and Davin is from Canada. Even though there was approximately 7000 miles that separated us, we still managed to create a strong bond and friendship. These days we now know, it's something that will last an entire lifetime. Cool shit, hey?

Eventually, we took that first simple little conversation off of the forum, and began corresponding through Skype, email, and Viber. Hmmm, and just like the “old saying” goes… the rest is history!

Why a Blog About Traveling & Building A Dream Laptop Lifestyle Biz?

Both of us have always shared a “keen” and “enthusiastic” interest in being able to travel, make a decent living, and having the freedom to work from any ole' place in the world we desire. This is all possible when you take the time and effort to seriously build a “laptop lifestyle” business. It's the ONLY way to go in this day and age, as far as we're concerned.

We're quite sure, this is one of the reasons that we've been able to create and maintain this friendship for all these many years. We love a lot of the same type of stuff! However, then one day…

“Shit Totally Hit The Fan – It Was Bloody Scary!”

You see, it's when Davin's father passed away from cancer a little while ago when the “the sh*t really hit the fan”. It wasn't pretty. Nope, not by a long shot!

The fact is, it left his Mom with a pile of debt sky high and we almost lost the house that she had been living in for the past 30 years. Let us be the first to say…

“It was bloody scary!”

Here's the kicker… and it's really an embarrassment to the Canadian government as far as we were concerned.

In Davin's own words…

“My father was a retired RCMP officer who had put in his 25+ years of service, and do you know what type of “crappy” life insurance policies the government has our police officers paying into for years and years… until they realize it's too late to turn back?

Get this… the policy will ONLY pay out full death benefits until the “holder” reaches the age of 70. After that, the payout is cut by 90%!

In other words, since my Dad lived until he was 72 the insurance company would only payout 10% of what the original policy was worth. And believe me, policies from that era weren't exactly all that plush. Far from it.

So if you happen to live a day past 70 years old, your spouse (or it was my Mom in this case) is “totally hooped” as to what you'll be able to leave them for a little nest egg to still take care of things!

Crazy! Hell… it was barely enough to cover his funeral and burial costs. 🙁

Oh yes, it was a very scary realization… that's for sure.

There were many teary eyed and sleepless nights that we faced when we were trying to figure out what in the hell we were going to do about it all. I mean, come on… we couldn't let my Mom lose her house.

Thankfully, I had my dearest and favorite friend in the world “Carla” to lean on during a tough time like this. If it hadn't have been for the support from her and a few other close friends I think I may have lost my mind!

We did eventually come up with a solution, but there is “no way” in hell… I'd ever want anyone else to go through something like that.”

“It Simply Made Perfect Sense – Now You Can Too!”

It only made sense that we should team up while building this awesome type of business together.

Davin has a fairly long history with creating web sites for himself and other clients (12 years). As well, he's also built one of his own businesses to 30,000+ email subscribers in the past, so he takes care of most of the upfront web stuff.  Carla, on the other hand,  has been helping him behind the scenes for a very long time… so makes perfect sense right?

We incorporate a “high ticket” system into our own “biz”, and we definitely recommend that you do the same. No question, it's the fastest way to get to where you desire.

We wish to bring YOU value, and to inspire YOU and other “peeps” who love to travel and experience the world first hand, so that you too no longer need to be “shackled” down by the typical 9 to 5, shift work, long commutes, or dependent on a so-called boss who is calling most of the “shots” in your life.

It's about freedom, and it's time to claim yours!

Thank-you very much for visiting us here, and we hope to have you as a loyal reader.

Oh, and please remember. If you feel you might like to begin building a “dream laptop lifestyle” biz of your own, please FEEL FREE to reach out to us at any time. We're here for you. We'd love to help out, and get you started too 🙂

Davin & Carla – The DLLC Team

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